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The Easter Bunnies are Coming!


Enjoy the Easter break everyone ………..

On the fiddle


Street Photography taken in Alba, Piemonte, Italy.  Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snatch a quick shot of this wonderful old character; an archetypal street image. Portrait & Landscape Photography

Studio Portraiture

On days like this, I love my job.

Lee_pp © web

Pet Photography

You can’t beat the beauty of cats’ eyes – mesmerising.



Post Production

Whether you agree or disagree with image enhancement, I believe it is here to stay. I believe it’s down to individual preference.  I feel it can add a smidge of improvement where necessary, however, I also feel it can be over used, (just as someone can have too much plastic surgery) but everyone should have the choice of whether to go under the mouse or go natural!

Here are two before and after examples – which one do you prefer? And tell me why. The results should be interesting.

Marusja 2 beforeMarusja 2 After


Lee 40 beforeLee 40 After


Irish Terriers are not a breed you come across very often, but I was delighted when I happened upon Cookie and her owner Tracy in the park the other day on what was our third meeting and which lead to me setting up the photo shoot.

I had mistakenly taken Cookie for a Fox Terrier, as their coats and head shape are similar, but the Irish Terrier is bigger than your typical Fox Terrier and has a distinctive red coat. This loyal and spirited terrier is full of attitude and spunk.  They are intelligent and quick to learn if you tap into their willful spirit.  They are great companion and watchdogs, and will dispatch vermin.

The photo shoot was a dream, as Cookie was well trained, obedient and patient; what more could a photographer ask (quote unquote “never work with children or animals”!!!).   Here is a series of my favourite images from the evening.

If you would like your precious pooch to have the full-on portrait treatment please contact me via

Thank You!



Street Photography – Nottingham 11/3/14

Thought I’d set myself a new goal; tackling street photography.  On the face of it it sounds very simple and straight forward doesn’t it?  And I’m sure that it is possible to walk around surreptitiously capturing images unbeknownst to the suspecting public particularly with a lovely long lens.  But unless you happen to be in one of the big cities like London, where tourists with cameras are at every turn, people tend to be a bit suspicious of someone aiming a camera lens at them.  And unaccustomed as I am to approaching complete strangers to ask to take their picture, this is to be my challenge over the coming weeks.  On my first adventure I accompanied my good friend and fellow photographer, Yvonne Lishman – for a bit of moral support and all that!  Here are the results of my endeavours from yesterday.

Wolf of Warser Gate

Wolf of Warser Gate

Tea Break

Tea Break

Take a Break

Tea Break II

Hang Your Hat

Hang Your Hat

Its a dog's Life

Play it for Me

Spring is Here!


Colour & Contours

Colour & Contours



Ever feel someone's watching you?

Robin Hood Game & Country Show – Newark, Oct 14 2012

I was in my element yesterday at the Country Show as there were dogs all around, as far as the eye could see.  There were various doggy activities going on; agility, lurcher racing, dock dogs etc, and it seemed that 80% of the public had brought along their four legged friends too, an enjoyable afternoon’s walk.  Here are a few faces and paws that caught my eye.  All pictures taken on my handy lightweight

This is Elmo, an adorable 14 week old chocolate Cockapoo with a lovely white snout. Very cute!

Panasonic Lumix G3.

Elmo in profile

This little white terrier who reminded me of Snowy from Tin Tin, was fascinated by the large inflatable balls and their human occupants.


Leap of Faith. A labrador enjoying the challenge of jumping after a ball into the water.



This is Scout. A five month old Bull Mastiff puppy – Gorgeous. Check out his paws – he’s going to be a big lad.




Shake it out!

This is a series of shots I took on one of my fabulous Dog Days sessions in 2011 with Abbey, a lovely Golden Labrador.  She loved to fetch from the water and after each retrieval she would shake herself to disperse the excess water from her coat.  I thought this made a great action sequence and put them together in a filmstrip format to demonstrate the movement from start to finish.  Some of the body contortions are really quite dramatic when caught in slow motion.


If you are interested in capturing the actions of your beloved dog, give me a call to discuss a Dog Days session and grab the chance of some photography unleashed today.

Outlines in Symmetry