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Irish Terriers are not a breed you come across very often, but I was delighted when I happened upon Cookie and her owner Tracy in the park the other day on what was our third meeting and which lead to me setting up the photo shoot.

I had mistakenly taken Cookie for a Fox Terrier, as their coats and head shape are similar, but the Irish Terrier is bigger than your typical Fox Terrier and has a distinctive red coat. This loyal and spirited terrier is full of attitude and spunk.  They are intelligent and quick to learn if you tap into their willful spirit.  They are great companion and watchdogs, and will dispatch vermin.

The photo shoot was a dream, as Cookie was well trained, obedient and patient; what more could a photographer ask (quote unquote “never work with children or animals”!!!).   Here is a series of my favourite images from the evening.

If you would like your precious pooch to have the full-on portrait treatment please contact me via

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A few weeks ago I gained a wonderful new neighbour. She has this amazing companion who you can’t help but like immediately. Meet Sims – the Great Dane. With the wonderful summer weather we’ve been enjoying recently I got them to accompany me over the nearby fields to grab a few portraits; he makes a striking statement against the brilliant blue sky.

Best Buddies Already!